Jon Nutbrown

...the low down on that "nutty" guy....

I am almost always happy when on a bike..... Mountain biking is what I first fell in love with. I think it will always be my favourite way to spend time on a bike but I now love just about any kind of 2-wheeled, human propelled pursuit..... I think racing is a great thing to waste your time and money on :) ..... I want to help develop the sport and facilitate people's passion for the sport..... I don't mind spending days out in the woods with a pick and a rake making something that people will ride for generations.


Mountain - Giant Anthem Advanced 0 (w/ EC 90 wheels) -- 'Cross - Giant TCX -- Road - DEAN 6/4 Ti frame beauty (old school perfection) Winter bike & town bike - Kona Unit steel frame rigid singlespeed -- "Chariot puller" - older '08 Giant Anthem Advanced (maybe a bit over-qualified!)

Favourite Ride

That's a tough one! I'll divide it up into local, abroad and favourite specific day I've experienced on a bike.

Locally, it would be up pneuma and down any of Race of Spades, Special K, T-Dub or S.H.A.F.T. (in no particular order, it just depends on the mood I'm in and which I rode last). I may add the continuation on to the summit of Moose Mt. after pneuma as it is such a breathtaking and spectacular climb!

Abroad, I would have to say a series of trails in Moab, UT. Start as high as you can on Porcupine Rim Trail (if trail conditions permit, "the whole enchilada") and link to the Mag 7 trails and then down the Portal..... Gives me chills.

Lastly, in terms of favourite specific ride or particular day on a bike, I would have to say the day 2 of La Ruta de los Conquistadores (in Costa Rica) '07. That may have been the single best climb I have ever had. I was the top Canadian and topped out at the summit of the volcano a minute behind Adam Craig. I think I can safely say that is my best performance on a climbing segment. Also, at over 3000 m in elevation we were WAY above the rain clouds below us and the view was surreal at our sunny altitude. Unfortunately, I was plagued with 5 flats on the descent. It was memorable for many reasons but it will alway stick out in my riding memory as an amazing day an a highlight of my biking experience.

Favourite Post ride meal

Recently, and specifically for stage races, I would have to say and espresso (or espresso based drink - must be strong), and avocado with a bit of salt, almonds, and granola / Greek yogurt..... Why?!?..... Espresso to speed your body's ability to absorb what you will be putting back in it to recover. Avocado and salt is for protein, healthy fats and sodium as well as it promotes muscle rebuilding. Almonds and granola / Greek yogurt isfor healthy fats, protein and carbs plus antioxidants from most berries. Also, FYI Greek yogurt has WAY more protein than regular yogurt.

On a more interesting and memorable note, however, I remember after an Alberta Cup cross country race eating a 3/4 lb. burger (3 patties) from Wendy's and ordering 2 Jr. bacon cheeseburgers to stuff in between each of the patties to create a mammoth burger! So good, but also so horrible at the same time!

What I do when I'm not riding

Well, I'm a husband of an amazing wife and a father of 2 incredible kids.

I am a finishing carpenter and enjoy doing custom woodwork for a living.

On or off the bike, I try my best to reflect the ideals that stem from my faith in Jesus.

Other than the big 3, I love music, other outdoor pursuits and things that make me feel "alive".

Favourite Race

Wow! I can't pick one.

They are all great in that they all give you that addictive, self actualizing feeling of satisfaction at the end. That feeling is there whether your race was good or bad or awful as long as you are racing with the right attitude.


The guy that got me into racing when I was in high school was Timmy O. He showed me the ropes. Other than that, I've learned from all of my fellow racers. I'm a huge fan of local racing and the racers themselves. I've learned about how to race and how I should conduct myself from racers in the novice category all the way up to the pro ranks.