Kate Aardal

A little about me, my bikes, my passion!

Cycling to me is so much more than racing, training, winning or losing; it’s a passion that can only truly be understood by the experience. 12 years and I’ve been to many memorable places, met the most amazing people, ridden some awesome trails, and had the pleasure of forgetting the existence of the day to day world for that moment. Some days, a step outside my back door is all it takes……. it’s that simple, two wheels and go.


Trek Superfly Pro, Trek Superfly 100 Pro, Trek Cronus CX

Kate Ardal

Favorite Ride

I’m spoiled with the best riding in my own back yard. If you’re in Calgary and looking for a full day ride is Highland Trail - TransCanda - Quaite Valley - Jewel Pass - Lusk - Jumping Pound - Powderface - Elbow trail - Sulphur Springs - Pneuma - Race of Spades (or break it up and still have a great ride)

Favorite post ride meal 

After a great ride anything goes!

Favorite pre-ride meal

Homemade Norwegian waffles, egg and bacon, and a mocha.

What I do when I'm not riding my bike

Trying to figure out how I can spend more time riding my bike while securing Canada’s energy future.

Favorite Race

They all have something great and different to offer. Trans Portugal is probably the best overall race package, BC Bike Race would be one of the top for thrilling trails, Andalucía Bike Race was my most memorable blooper.


Can’t name one single name, but I have huge appreciation for the very patient group of guys who invited me out for Tuesday night rides in Fort McMurray when I got my first bike. Even with mosquitos as big as birds (seriously), they never left me out there. Instead they inspired me to aim big (or long). Soon after that I signed up for the Canadian Death Ride to see what bike racing was all about… and that’s how it all started, hooked!