Kevin Theilgaard

keepin' it Rad since '85

I like to ride bikes. I also like to have fun. Handy that those two things go hand in hand, no? Sometimes I pedal, sometimes I shuttle, sometimes I race and sometimes I don't. I like to also think of myself as a dirt jumper and street rider but to quote a cereal commercial "Tricks are for kids"... Or maybe it's for those who are simply not old enough to drive to the Mountains and have never realized just how lucky we are to have so many amazing trails so close. Anywho what I'm trying to say is I like to ride bikes and usually like those who like to ride bikes. I've been lucky enough to be part of the Ridley's family for close to 10 years and hope to be for many more.


Trek Session 9.9, Trek Fuel EX, Norco Hardtail

Favourite Ride

All of them? MMBTS, CMBA, GBCTA and all of the volunteers have done an amazing job with our local trails no matter what your preference on getting rad is.

Locally, it would be up pneuma and down any of Race of Spades, Special K, T-Dub or S.H.A.F.T. (in no particular order, it just depends on the mood I'm in and which I rode last). I may add the continuation on to the summit of Moose Mt. after pneuma as it is such a breathtaking and spectacular climb!

Favourite Post ride meal

A big pub burger and a pint! If I didn't know better I'd probably start believing that I only ride bikes to eat a lot of gnarly food.

What I do when I'm not riding my bike

2012 saw a lot of time spent digging dirt to build my pump track.  And with winter around the corner I'd be lying if I didn't say I had snowboarding on the mind.  I've also probably spent a little too much time doing reno's but I'd rather not talk about those... 

Favourite Race

Ignoring the bigger draw events, the Alberta Cup races have a certain je ne sais quoi.  No really, I'd like to know who thought holding a DH race from the flat prairies down to a river was a good idea!


Cliche time but it's hard not to get inspired by anyone who's riding a bike.  I'm inspired by the old guys that ride like someone half their age, the young guys that make it look so effortless, the racers who charge every lap, the jumpers that like to send it and the xc guys who make me wheeze.  Finally I'm inspired by anyone who I've ever high fived, fist bumped, hugged?, hollered at or been hollered to.  Those are the people that make me want to ride again.