Ridley's People

Ridley's People

Jeff Crombie

A pro race mechanic

Canadian Crombie, originally from Calgary, has recently worked with the likes of Sky and Orica-GreenEdge but started out in bike stores many years ago...(Learn More)

Jon Nutbrown

...the low down on that "nutty" guy....

I am almost always happy when on a bike..... Mountain biking is what I first fell in love with. I think it will always be my favourite way to spend time on a bike but I now love just about any...(Learn More)

Kate Aardal

A little about me, my bikes, my passion!

Cycling to me is so much more than racing, training, winning or losing; it’s a passion that can only truly be understood by the experience. 12 years and I’ve been to many memorable places, met the...(Learn More)

Kevin Theilgaard

keepin' it Rad since '85

I like to ride bikes. I also like to have fun. Handy that those two things go hand in hand, no? Sometimes I pedal, sometimes I shuttle, sometimes I race and sometimes I don't....(Learn More)

Rafael Lopez

It never gets easier. You just go faster

What can I say? I love bicycles. I believe that the number of bicycles a person should own is equal to n + 1, where “n” is equal to the number of bicycles currently owned. ...(Learn More)

Spin Sisters Mountain Bike Club

Bringing women of all abilities together for super-duper wicked riding

Formed in 2004, Spin Sisters Mountain Biking Club (SSMBC) is a progressive women’s only mountain biking club in the Calgary region that brings together adult (18+) riders of all abilities to enjoy the sport...(Learn More)

Trent Corney

A little kid in a grown-up body...

I’ve always been riding a bike since I was able to walk. No matter if it were a dirt track, half pipe, road or trail I would be on it with 2 wheels under me...(Learn More)