Trent Corney

...A little Kid in a Grown Up Body....

I’ve always been riding a bike since I was able to walk. No matter if it were a dirt track, half pipe, road or trail I would be on it with 2 wheels under me. However, my passion developed towards the road as I grew. There is nothing like the freedom of throwing your legs over the road bike and taking off for the day to explore previously unknown roads. Seeing people on their bike – especially kids – always brings a smile to my face.


Road: 2015 Pinarello Dogma F8, 2008 Pinarello Prince Carbon; Mountain: 2012 Trek Superfly AL 100 Pro

Favourite Ride

I have so many that it’s tough to pick just one. Here is a challenging loop to the SW of the city. It is 95km in length and features beautiful scenery on a clear day. There are a couple of places to stop along the way for food and water.

Favourite post ride meal

Nothing satisfies like a tall cold glass of chocolate milk with a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup.

Favourite pre-ride meal

Homemade French toast with maple syrup, icing sugar and raspberries on top along with a hot cup of green tea.