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Gear Repair

Keep Your Favourite Gear Going

Ridley's Cycle can keep your gear running strong! In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste from our industry and keep your gear performing like new we now offer gear repair services. For the time being our services are limited to the below but we're working on adding additional clothing/gear repair in the future, feel free to inquire about any repairs that you don’t see listed. Our repair workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months under normal riding conditions.

Minimizing Our Environmental Impact and Giving Back

We will also be accepting donations of lightly damaged / repairable gear. Our goal is to keep textiles out of the landfills, repair and donate to charities or NFP groups. Together we can give your gear a second life with someone in need.


Repair Rate

Waterproof Seam TapingStarting at $30
Velcro addition or replacementStarting at $20
Waterproof patchingStarting at $20
Basic sewing repair small $15
Basic sewing repair medium $30
Basic sewing repair large $45
Techincal Gear sewn patch (lycra/elastaine)Starting at $30

Contact Us To Schedule Your Gear Repair