Hoder Grips

Josh is a man of taste. He appreciates the finer things in life, like tasty brunches, untracked powder, and quality bike gear. So when he told me how hyped he was on S&M’s signature Mike Hoder BMX grips, I knew that they must be worth checking out.

You may be thinking to yourself, “They’re just grips. What’s the big deal?” Fair question. Is there really that much to a pair of grips? Well, yes, especially when it comes to the technical demands of BMX and dirtjumping. You can’t ride your best if your hands aren’t stoked. They are, after all, the primary controls responsible for keeping you upright and pointed in the right direction.

Riders who appreciate a soft and squishy squeeze should especially rejoice upon trying these pleasant palm platforms. The Hoders are specially made by ODI from a “Super Soft Compound” that specifically caters to preferences of Mr. Hoder himself. They’re also beefed up in the width and length departments, at 31.5mm in diameter and 160mm long, for extra contact and comfort. All of this adds up to a product that, according to Josh, will “change the way your bike feels, in the best way possible. They’re my favorite.”

Want to add some flair to your ride before your next B-Line Bike Park session? Pick up some Hoders, then roll through a sea of high fives as other park patrons celebrate your steeze. Or maybe you don’t have a BMX bike, and that’s ok too. The Hoders fit any flat bar, and come in several different colors to coordinate with your mountain bike, townie, or whatever you’ve got. Please note however that these grips are not unicycle compatible.