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7mesh Britannia Jersey SS
$70.00 $140.00 50% Savings
The perfect midweight women’s riding jersey: carefully fitted, comfortable, and light. The rarely spoken truth is that elastane (Lycra) is often used as a crutch. High-stretch fabrics make it easier for manufacturers to fit a wide range of body types using simple patterns. The elastic provides the versatility, and your body does the work of shaping the garment. But the real problem is that elastane is very hydrophilic – meaning it gets wet easily, stays wet (and heavy, and cold) for a long time, and reduces breathability and comfort. Instead of accepting these shortcomings, we do extensive work to pattern our garments to fit properly in the riding position. The Britannia Jersey uses an Omega polyester knit with powerful mechanical stretch, eliminating the use of hydrophilic Lycra. A textured backer wicks moisture away from your skin to facilitate evaporation. For storage the Britannia has five rear pockets - three classic top loaders, and two horizontal loading pockets, each with a secure zip closure on the side. The zip pockets have buttonhole passthroughs to the inside for cable routing, complementing the s collar headphone loops. The full length front zip provides venting, while the collar comes a bit higher at the rear to extend the sun protection of the UPF 50 fabric. The waist hem uses a thin high stretch gripper to hold the jersey in place.
7mesh G2 Jersey
$75.00 $149.99 50% Savings
An outstanding midweight riding jersey - light, breathable, and super comfortable through a huge temperature range. The G2 will become an instant staple in your cycling kit rotation - and will probably jump the queue as you find yourself reaching for it time and time again. Meticulous patterning and careful construction bring out the best performance characteristics of the unique jersey fabric. The great feeling fabric is made from polyester, with no hydrophilic elastane (Lycra). Stretch is instead achieved using mechanically textured fibers (think: springs) - so the fabric stays much drier, lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable throughout your ride. A custom knit is used to achieve asymmetrical stretch, giving the G2 excellent lateral comfort while limiting vertical stretch to hold your pocket contents secure and prevent pocket sag. As with all of our jerseys, the fabric-specific patterning is tailored to the riding position. The G2 jersey has five rear pockets - three top loaders with pocket guards to prevent spillage , and two horizontal loading pockets with secure zip closures. The zip pockets have buttonhole passthroughs to the inside for cable routing. The full length front zip provides venting, while the collar comes a bit higher at the rear to extend the sun protection of the UPF 50 fabrics. The waist hem uses a thin high stretch gripper to keep the jersey in place. Finally the G2 is finished with subtle reflective details for visibility in low conditions. All in all, the G2’s unique construction results in a great feeling jersey with superior moisture management and comfort. MATERIALS • 96% Polyester, 4% Carbon Knit • #3 Coil Front Zip WEIGHT • Men’s : 148g FEATURES • 2 zippered side pockets with headphone ports • Collar headphone loops • 3 rear pockets • Pocket contents guard • UPF 50+ • Full length front zipper • Reflective details
7mesh Synergy Jersey Long Sleeve - Women's
$100.00 $200.00 50% Savings
Synergy – the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts (Wikipedia). Lightweight WINDSTOPPER® Softshell - breathable, windproof and highly water resistant - covers the front of the torso and arms. Omega knit on the balance of the jersey uses a soft brushed interior loft to provide a bit of warmth, while also ensuring maximum moisture wicking and breathability. Together these materials deliver the comfort of your favourite jersey combined with climate protection usually only seen in a jacket. The Synergy has five rear pockets - three classic top loaders, and two horizontal loading pockets, each with a secure zippered closure on the side. The zip pockets have buttonhole passthroughs for cable routing. A full-length AquaGuard Vislon front zip provides added weather protection and easy venting. The trim fitting Synergy is patterned with riding articulation for ideal fit while you’re on the bike. Putting it all together, the result is a high-performance jersey with a huge comfort range. The Synergy is perfect for riding in cooler weather (or racing in the cold), resisting spray and moderate rain, or on days that start when it’s cool and finish when it’s warm. MATERIALS • WINDSTOPPER® Softshell 174P • Omega 160P Knit WEIGH • 198g FEATURES • Hybrid Fabric Construction – WINDSTOPPER® Softshell • Front/Knit back • 30mm Gripper Elastic Hem • 3 Rear Pockets • 2 Zippered Side Pockets with Headphone Ports • Collar Headphone Loops • Reflective Details
7mesh Recon Short - Men's
$125.00 $249.99 50% Savings
A rugged 3-season short that keeps cool and damp conditions at bay. Like the Recon Jacket that inspired it, the Recon Short is built from WINDSTOPPER® fabric that is comfortable, highly breathable, highly water-resistant, and completely windproof. This combination of attributes makes the Recon an ideal choice for days when the rain comes down, or the trail spray comes up. Based off our proven Glidepath Short, the Recon uses articulated crotch and leg patterning that provides an optimal riding position and excellent freedom of movement. Factor in a slightly longer fit and scalloped leg opening - the front is longer than the back, adding protection while accommodating knee pads - and you have the ultimate off-season short. The Recon has low profile built-in waist adjusters, and also has loops for riders who prefer a belt. Front hand pockets hold quick-access items and smooth out the post-ride transition to your daily life.
7mesh Glidepath Short - Men's
$149.99 - $175.00
The perfect all-round overshort for mountain biking: light, durable, and comfortable. The Glidepath is built with Soma 2-Way stretch woven fabric, offering astounding durability and resistance to abrasion despite its light weight. The Soma is also treated with a durable water repellant (DWR) coating that quickly sheds moisture, and makes them incredibly quick drying if they do eventually get wet. Detailed patterning allows mobility and freedom of movement with minimal bulk. The crotch gusset is patterned and the leg articulated for the mid pedal stroke position. As a result the Glidepath moves smoothly and does not get caught on the saddle regardless of rider position. The Glidepath is compatible with most non-downhill knee pads. Front hand pockets hold quick-access items, while two zipped, side utility pockets protect your essentials. These pockets are angled from back to front allowing you to carry items comfortably and without interfering with your pedaling motion. Each utility pocket also has a cell phone sleeve to secure and separate your cargo. The Glidepath has low profile built-in waist adjusters, but also has loops for riders who prefer a belt.
7mesh Strategy Jacket - Women's
$174.99 $349.99 50% Savings
Perfect for riders that don’t stop hitting the roads or trails when temperatures drop, the Strategy is a close-fitting protective jacket the works comfortably for colder weather. Strategy - a plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim (Wikipedia). The Strategy jacket optimally combines two different WINDSTOPPER® Softshell textiles. All panels use the same smooth water resistant face on the outside but on the inside a gridded high-loft interior fleece is strategically positioned to add insulation over the chest, shoulders, and kidneys. A lower loft fleece ensures a trim profile and comfortable fit on the arms, abdomen, and back where mobility takes precedence. Fully taped, the overall package is cozy warm, completely windproof and extremely water resistant. The Strategy has three rear pockets – two angled, zippered pockets, and an open top-loader in the middle. A high collar secures against the weather, and an AquaGuard Vislon front zip vents easily and provides added wind and rain protection while eliminating the need for a bulky zipper flap. The Strategy is patterned with riding articulation for ideal fit while you’re on the bike. Designed to wear over a base or mid layer depending on the conditions, the Strategy will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.
7mesh Revelation Jacket - Women's
$287.50 $575.00 50% Savings
The Revelation is engineered for riders who aren’t going to hide when the weather gets tough. Absolute weather protection is combined with an extended use feature set to provide complete confidence in a wide range of riding conditions. The 7 Day fit is patterned for riding, but is eased enough to allow layering and off-the-bike comfort. The revised fit is relaxed in the hips and lengthened to prevent the jacket from riding up. Forearm and side vents extend riding versatility, and the side vents double as passthroughs to access jersey pockets. We’ve added a small brim to the removable low profile under-helmet hood for excellent protection without compromising vision. Hand pockets hold essentials, while the adjustable hem, cuffs, and hood provide customized fit. Additionally we’ve added more reflectivity to the tail and cuffs.?? GORE-TEX Pro® fabric, brought to cycling for the first time by 7mesh, was selected for its superior ability to provide the best breathability with durable weather protection. GORE-TEX Pro® uses a unique membrane technology that has the widest functioning range of use of any Gore-Tex material. This jacket is engineered to pass the Gore-Tex “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” standard, a guarantee that waterproofness is reliably retained for the life of the jacket. ??All 7mesh products are designed to be light, durable, functional, and beautiful. The Revelation is engineered to minimize material usage and uses trimmed seam allowances and 8mm micro tape to optimize weight, drape, and comfort. All-in, the Revelation jacket weighs only 289 grams.
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