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Brakes, Levers, & Pads For Sale

Quality brake parts ensure reliable stopping power so you can ride with confidence, especially at high speeds or when descending. Whether you're conducting regular maintenance or upgrading your bike's components, browse Ridley's extensive catalog of brake calipers, pads, levers, and other accessories.

$36.00 - $45.00 $42.99 - $45.00 Up to 20% Off
Pro Brake Pads (1554) Suitable for extreme terrain, varying weather conditions, or competition use. Perfect for downhill biking or lengthy periods of steady braking. Maximum stopping power in the dirt. High temperature and fade resistance. Great for wet weather and mud performance.
$149.99 - $199.99
The Disc Shark® ushers in a new era of improved braking performance for bicycles, in many cases allowing the original size of the disc to be reduced without causing fatigue or overheating.
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