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Moustache Samedi 28.2
$3,795.00 $4,699.00 19% Off
Samedi 28 is one bike for everything! Behind its emblematic Moustache handlebar, you’ll ride as in days gone by, as a family, for a gentle pootle, for fitness, with class, in the town, on country lanes, on paths, taking your time or at speed, just a little or for a long time! The little extras Thanks to its legendary Moustache handlebar, the Samedi 28 offers you a natural and comfortable position. The Axa security lock integrated into the frame enables you to easily secure your ride for a short stop and the extra-solid painted mud guards will protect you in any weather! Samedi 28 is elegant! With a lower top tube for ease of use, the Samedi 28 is both comfortable and dynamic. Its very individual style is chic with its characteristic Moustache handlebar that won’t go unnoticed, and it’ll quickly become your ideal companion for going to work in the week and for getting about at the weekend! Thanks to its center of gravity that’s been lowered further, the Samedi 28 is a model of balance. It is available in Standard or Open versions. Frame with exclusive PowerTube integration Its compact frame with total integration of the Bosch PowerTube battery enables this very open version of the Open, with an even lower and easier step over. Its triple cavity construction gives the frame optimal stiffness. Bosch Motor On the Samedi 28.2 and 28.3, the Bosch Active Plus motor is ultra natural and silent, ensuring a pleasurable ride! // On the Samedi 28.5 and 28.7, the Bosch Performance Line motor, sporty and natural, will surpise you with its lack of friction Optimised compatibility for accessories The Samedi 28 is now equipped with a luggage rack compatible with the standards QL3 and MIK, so you can attach paniers in just one click. Quick and easy!!! Comfort The wide volume Schwalbe 700x50C tires give a feeling of comfort and security, acting like a natural suspension. They’ll take care of you!
Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 3 - Standard
$4,795.00 $5,799.00 17% Off
When we mix blue and yellow the result is green. And at Moustache when we mixed an E-MTB and an urban bike, the result was the Xroad! With its rigid frame with an integrated Bosch 625Wh PowerTube battery, the Bosch Performance Line Smart System motor, an 80mm travel fork as well as a suspension seatpost, the Xroad 3 is dynamic and comfortable. It is also perfectly equipped with a lot of practical accessories such as a luggage rack that’s compatible with QL3 and MIK fixations as well as powerful lights front and rear. Perfect for getting about day to day as well as going on holiday! On the Open version the top tube is lowered offering more standover height for improved accessibility. On the Open version the top tube is lowered offering more standover height for improved accessibility.
Moustache SAMEDI XROAD FS 3 M 23
$5,995.00 $6,699.00 11% Off
The Samedi Xroad FS has the versatility and dynamism of the Xroad, with the comfort of full-suspension as a plus! With its frame with 100mm of travel front and rear entrusted to the Moustache Magic Grip Control shock and the Suntour XCR fork, its Bosch motor equipped with the Performance Line CX Smart System motor with integrated 500Wh PowerTube battery, its ultra comfortable Hutchinson Python tires, our Xroad FS 3 will feel like you’re travelling on a flying carpet! And its practical accessories will simplify your life, such as its luggage rack that’s compatible with QL3 and MIK fixations or its powerful lighting, the Xroad FS 3 will accompany you everywhere, and always in a relaxed laid-back manner…
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