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Gemini Juno 100 Road
30X LEDS FOR POWERFUL RED DIFFUSION. A total of 30x COB LEDs together emit a soft, more diffused light that is easier on the eyes. FOR COMMUTERS BE VISIBLE. BE SAFE. Increase your visibility and stay safe on the road. Designed for the day-in day-out commute. LOCKED WITH 90° TURNS FULLY ROTATIONAL Bundled with a built-in seatpost and clip mount. The Juno 100 Road can be rotated 90° for a different look. BUILT-IN CLIP MOUNT CLIP IT MESSENGER STYLE Quickly and easily clip it on to a bag or backpack to go messenger style. FAST USB CHARGING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Conveniently charge your Juno 100 Road via USB. Up to 24 hours of continuous use. SPECIFICATIONS Brightness 100 Lumens Battery 2Wh Integrated Battery Weight 35g Modes Steady – Low / Med / High Flash – Low / High Strobe Material Poly Carbon Composite Safety LED Thermal Protection Charging Protection In the Box Juno 100 Road Built-in Seatpost and Clip Mount Silicone Mounting Band USB Charging Cable RUN TIME Level Lumens Run Time High 100 4 hours Low 25 24 hours
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