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Handlebar Bags

Handlebar Bags For Sale

Handlebar bags are a great way to store easily accessible gear on the bike in a way that maintains balance and looks stylish.

$136.50 $195.00 30% Off
Versatile travel companions. For all-conditions, all-journeys. The Scape Handlebar Pouch is a practical small bag useful for any ride and fully waterproof thanks to its welded materials and all-round weatherproof details for securely stowing much-needed items. - Waterproof - Lasting performance - Practical functionality - Adaptable and Versatile
Built for hardcore adventure cycling, the Scape Handlebar Roll is a bikepacking bag made to securely hold its own adjustable, superior waterproof (IPX4 certified) dry sack featuring two compartments. Built for adventure, the Scape Handlebar Roll is a bikepacking bag made from two separate elements: a holster and a 100% waterproof (IPX4 certified) removable drybag featuring two internal compartments made from lightweight, waterproof materials and all-round weatherproof details. Specially designed for long-distance touring and bikepacking races and easily attaching to both drop (road and gravel type) and straight (MTB) handlebars, the holster attaches via two straps with aluminium buckles to make mounting quick and reliable, with EVA spacers to allow easy passage of cables and a fuller grip. A double daisy chain runs through the holster to hold bulkier items.
Versatile travel companions. For all-conditions, all-journeys. Keep snacks, water or a spare camera lens easily at hand with the practical storage of the Scape Feed Pouch—a versatile bike travel companion on bikepacking trips and cycling adventures big and small. Lasting performance Made-to-last materials, hard-wearing details, specially selected components. Practical functionality Adjustable attachments, easy-pull zipper. Water resistant Our custom-made cotton fabric has a two-layer coating which makes it waterproof.
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