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Flylow Gear Shuttle T-Shirt

Flylow Gear Shuttle T-Shirt
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The truck, the bikes, the way to the mountain... the tee for taking the trip, the Flylow Shuttle Tee for shuttling the gear from here to there.
Made from casual summer travel cotton in Flylow's signature dirt hiding earth tones. The travel tee for getting there and back again, it's not technical, it's just comfortable; elbow out the window, wind through the cab, ballcap on your head, comfortable. When you get where you're going spread it across the seat or drape it over the steering wheel so you don't scald yourself when you get back in for the drive back. See? And you thought cotton tees weren't multifunctional clothing. Not only will this prevent seat scaled, as it ages it makes a dandy wipe down for bikes and chains. Keep washing it, most of the dirt and grease will come out, and the rest is just adds credibility. A tee designed for hard wear, hard work, and, eventually, to return to the earth from which it sprang. A classic summer tee for town, trucking, and trailering your gear where it needs to get to, whether that's a drive through dawn, or an hour away from home. It's the tee for the guy who gets to do the driving.