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Ibis ISCG 05 Tab Adapter

Ibis ISCG 05 Tab Adapter
This item is currently not available.


If you want to mount a chain guide on your Ripley (V4), RipMo V1 & V2, RipMo AF, HD5, HD4, HD3, Mojo 4, Mojo 3, or Mojo HDR, you will need one of these.
It's aluminum
ISCG 05 standard
When using SRAM DUB cranks along with this on a RipMo or any frame with a 73mm bottom bracket shell width, you will need the SRAM DUB 2mm spacer inside the drive side crank arm against the bottom bracket shell. If you need a 2mm spacer let us know!

Part Numbers

HD3 ISCG Tab Adapter FRA29684308R