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Ibis Truckee Shuttle Guard

Ibis Truckee Shuttle Guard
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Key Specs:

Compatible with all frames and sizes.
Easy “peel and stick” installation
Made from 5mm thick toughened rubber
Dimensions: 155x46x5mm

Place your bike on your padded tailgate.
Using tape, mark where your frame contacts the tailgate pad
Wipe the surface of the downtube clean using rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning solution
Dry the damp area with a lint free cloth
Apply Truckee, use firm pressure Allow pad to sit overnight before use
Stop and admire your bicycle while enjoying your preferred beverage
Installation Tips Cold may prevent the Truckee from adhering properly. We recommend applying at temperatures 50F/10C or warmer We recommend applying only if your paint is in good condition. If the paint is chipped, there is a risk you could remove additional paint when removing the Truckee. To remove, we recommend applying a gentle heat to reactivate the glue, then gently peeling up the edges. Be very careful if using a heat gun. Ibis is not responsible for any damage that may occur when removing the adhesive.

Part Numbers

Truckee Shuttle Guard IBI23818482D