Trek Project One

Choose your model. Choose your paint. Choose your parts.

Madone? Doname? Emonda? Speed Concept? Fuel EX? Top Fuel? Pro Caliber? Pick a bike and let your imagination run wild. With Trek's Project One program you can make your dream bike come to life. Design every detail of your dream ride, then let us bring your vision to life. We’ll create your bike the way we create every Project One: with the skill that only the most-experienced builders and artists can offer.

Thousands of colours and design schemes, from boldly simple to outrageously cool, are brought to impeccable life by the best artists in the business. You can spec every detail to your liking, from wheelset and group to saddle and cable housing, or choose one of our preconfigured combinations.

To begin, visit the Project One website. Once you have your dream bike spec'ed out, come in and see us; we'll make your dream into reality.