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Trek Bike Buyer's Guide

Trek builds some of the most popular and sought-after bikes on the market and we offer a great range of their bikes for sale. This guide will help you find the Trek bike that fits your riding style, getting you on the road, trail, or gravel path in no time.

Trek Road Bikes

Trek builds their road bikes to dominate everything from tarmac to gravel paths. Designed for speed and efficiency, these road bikes are perfect for cyclists wanting to upgrade their riding experience and those wanting to compete with the best.

Trek Domane Road endurance bike

Trek Road Bikes

Aero, lightweight, and with superior handling, Trek's performance road bikes offer any cyclist—beginner or experienced—a quality cycling experience. Whether you're wanting a new road bike to climb uphill with ease or tour on the tarmac, a Trek performance and race bike might be the one for you.

Popular Trek road bike models:

Trek Madonean all-out race bike built with ultimate speed in mind

Trek Domanean endurance road bike for smoothing out centuries and all day epics

Trek Emondaan ultra-light climber that wins in the mountains 

Trek Checkpoint gravel bike

Trek Gravel Bikes

Looking for a versatile bike that is just as comfortable on the pavement as it is on gravel and dirt paths? Trek offers gravel bikes designed to handle rough trails and bikepacking trips for the adventurous cyclist.

Popular Trek gravel bike models:

Trek Checkpoint: fast and fun and made for adventure

Not sure what size road bike to get?

Trek Mountain Bikes

If you're the type of cyclist that prefers to ride off-road, Trek builds some of our favorite mountain bikes. From the hardtails like the Marlin to their full-suspension XC beasts like the Top Fuel, we offer Trek MTBs for every type of mountain cyclist. The video below is related to youth racing, but all the info is still helpful when deciding whether you should choose a full suspension or a hardtail mountain bike.

Trek Marlin hardtail bike

Trek Hardtail Mountain Bikes

If you're more of a fan of singletrack and flowy paths than downhill and technical trails, one of the Trek hardtail mountain bikes might be perfect for you. Find entry-level and versatile MTBs and all-terrain and durable mid-range hardtails among our selection.

Popular Trek hardtail mountain bike models:

Trek Marlina perfect first mountain bike

Trek Roscoeaggressive hardtail for rowdy riding

Trek X-Calibera great first XC race bike

Trek Procalibera deadly XC race weapon

Trek Farleya super capable fat bike for loose terrain, snow, and sand

Trek Fuel EX full-suspension MTB

Trek Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

A full-suspension mountain bike from Trek is a good bet for any cyclist wanting to tackle any XC race or hit trail jumps with friends. For entry-level XC and MTB cyclists and experienced trail racers alike, Trek's full-suspension mountain bikes offer the components, geometry, and build to upgrade your technical rides.

Popular Trek full suspension mountain bike models:

Trek Fuel EXa versatile do-it-all trail bike

Trek Slasha hard-hitting enduro machine

Trek Sessiona hair-raising, gravity-loving downhill bike

Trek Remedya playful 27.5" ripper that loves to get airborne

Trek Top Fuela fast and capable ride for gnarly XC courses and downcountry rides

Trek Supercalibera race-winning XC bike built for the toughest World Cup courses

Not sure what size mountain bike to get?

Trek Electric Bikes

Wanting to go a little further with a little more ease on your next bike ride? Maybe it's time to electrify your commute, joy ride, or adventure with a Trek electric bike. Find e-MTBs, electric road bikes, and e-commuters among our selection of Trek electric bikes.

Trek Domane+ electric road bike

Trek Electric Road Bikes

Similar to how traditional road bikes are more performance oriented than a hybrid commuter bike, an electric road bike is designed for higher-performance than a e-commuter. If you're wanting an extra boost on fast-paced group rides or weekend adventures on tarmac, go with a Trek electric road bike.

Popular Trek electric road bike models:

Trek Domane+a high performance road bike with an electric boost

Trek Powerfly electric MTB

Trek Electric Mountain Bikes

Explore more of the mountain trails with a Trek electric mountain bike. If you want a bike that looks, feels, and rides like a traditional mountain bike, but also features a ride-elevating boost from a removeable battery then a Trek e-MTB is what you need.

Popular Trek electric mountain bike models:

Trek Powerflyversatile eMTB for offroad adventures

Trek Railheavy hitting, trail-focused eMTB that rips

Trek E-Calibersuper fast XC style eMTB

Trek Fuel EXe: a lightweight trail eMTB with more natural feeling assist

Trek Verve+ electric city bike

Trek Electric Commuter Bikes

Don't sweat the morning or afternoon commute and enjoy being on two wheels no matter your destination with a Trek electric commuter bike. These e-city bikes are perfect for any cyclist just wanting a bike that can get them where they need with an extra boost to boot.

Popular Trek electric commuter bike models:

Trek Allant+a sleek, stylish, and fast electric commuter

Trek Verve+an electric commuter/hybrid bike built with comfort in mind 

Trek FX+: a lightweight, zippy electric hybrid that's fast and versatile

Trek Dual Sport+: a cpaable electric hybrid with wider knobby tires for varied surfaces

Trek Commuter & Hybrid Bikes

Whether you want to ditch the car and cruise to work on two wheels or you're just looking for a little exercise on the weekends, Trek makes great commuter and hybrid bikes that are perfect for all kinds of riders.

Trek Commuter & Hybrid Bikes

If you're on the hunt for a hybrid bike for fitness and adventure or a daily commuter, Trek has a few models of urban and hybrid bikes that can fit your needs. From being able to go anywhere and with designs that prioritize comfort, Trek commuter bikes are ideal for just about any level of cyclist.

Popular Trek commuter & hybrid bike models:

Trek FXone of Trek's most popular bikes, a fast and versatile flat bar road bike

Trek Dual Sporta perfect do-it-all bike with wider tires and front suspension

Trek Vervea super comfy commuter and cruiser

Trek Kids Bikes

Whether you want to ditch the car and cruise to work on two wheels or you're just looking for a little exercise on the weekends, Trek makes great commuter and hybrid bikes that are perfect for all kinds of riders.

Trek Childrens' Bikes

Whether it's your kid's first bike or they're ready to move up to a bigger size, kids' bikes are all about having fun and making memories on two wheels. Because kids' bikes are measured by wheel size and grouped into age brackets, finding the right one for your child is as easy as knowing their height and age.

Popular Trek kids bike models:

Trek Precaliber: great for younger kids, 12" through 24" models

Trek Wahoo: 26" wheels for big kids and preteens

Not sure what size kids bike to get?