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Bike Racks For Sale

Looking to increase your carrying capacity? Front and rear racks are affordable ways to bring your gear along for the ride.

$69.99 $99.99 30% Off
Compatible with most disk brakes, see exceptions below. The AC LowRider is incredibly solid and easy to install. It’s designed to carry panniers closer to the ground; this lowers the center of gravity of the load and improves handling. Your front panniers will mount low, but maintain plenty of ground clearance, ensuring the panniers won’t scrape the ground. This is important as some larger front panniers might hit the ground when mounted on front racks that don’t offer as much ground clearance, this is especially true with 26” wheels. The AC LowRider’s clever adjustable arm allows you to level off the top of the rack no matter the position on the fork. The spacer ensures the rack doesn’t damage the fork’s finish, whatever its shape. Compatible with all hydraulic brakes and some mechanical disc brakes. Not compatible with the following mechanical disc brakes: Hayes CX Expert, Shimano CX77, Promax Render, and Avid BB7 and BB5. Installation instructions Made Of Lightweight Aluminum Load Capacity: 15 kg / 33 lbs. Weight: 500 g / 1.1 lbs
Seat post rack with dual attachment points to provide unequaled strength and stability. Fits most bikes including road bikes with carbon seat posts. Weight: 495g (unit) Minimum clearance required between the seat rails and the top of the bicycle seat tube is 4 inches (10cm).
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